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Square Roots is like a book club, but for classic RPGs! Each episode John, Matthew, Jim and Vanessa play through another chunk of one of your favorite RPGs, from Final Fantasy through Chrono Trigger. Are they experts? No. Are they qualified? Absolutely not. Are they good at RPGs? Probably not. But they're the fun kind of dumb, and that's what counts.
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THE Classic RPG Podcast, w/Jim Banks, John Brandon, Matthew Van Zandt & Vanessa

May 1, 2017

Kingdom Hearts - Part 4

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What is vore? John explains. This is relevant: today we get swallowed by Monstro before heading off to the Little Mermaid world of Atlantica, where Ursula also tries to swallow you! Also: being eaten alive by snakes, BRIAN BLESSED RETURNS, we imagine Dreamworks Hearts, puppet fetishes, we debate Ariel's family tree and the Little Mermaid expanded universe, hair nomenclature, and so much more!

This week: We go down where it's wetter in Monstro and Atlantica!
Next week: We hit up Halloween Town and then move on to... Neverland!

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Mar 31, 2017

Hi Sqooters! John here! With only hours to spare I'm here to post the #Trypod special. Here's a chance for you to share the Comrade Radio podcasts with non-podcast listening buddies, and a chance for you to check out what's up with the other Comrade Radio shows.

I'll allow Malcolm to take over:

Here at the network, we're nothing if not sheep, and as such we're fiercely devoted to the latest social media trends. This month it's the "trypod" initiative, which asks podcast fans to share their favorite programs with friends who have never tried the medium. So we've carefully put together our favorite clips from our shows to craft the perfect taste test of what we do on a regular basis.

So whether you haven't tried all the network shows, or even a podcast in general, these clips are a great starting place. Don't forget, for the rest of the month, share us on social media with the hashtag #trypod, and use good old fashioned word of mouth to get people into podcasts!

At 2:00 - Apoc Radio, a post-apocalyptic survival/pop culture show!

At 8:40 - Tales From The Static - an 80s style horror anthology

At 11:38 - Surely, Not Surely - advice but with extra wine and sarcasm

At 13:56 - Divisive Issues - Comic books!

At 19:03 - Oops! I Talked Politics - Left wing political discussion

At 24:55 - Square Roots - Classic RPGs (role playing video games)

At 29:55 - Instant Classic - Modern video games!

At 31:15- Classic Schmassic - classic films from a modern perspective

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Oct 28, 2016

It's an all new Square Roots Vs. episode! This time we're joined by Matt Chandronait of the Rebel FM podcast! Get ready for a spoooooooky halloween special as we cover Sweet Home, a NES era JRPG that also happens to be the FIRST survival horror game! Created by Tokuro Fujiwara of Resident Evil fame it's a surprisingly great game!

We also talk about Matt's history with the RPG and survival horror genres and Rebel FMs upcoming Extra Life Child's Play 24 hr charity stream! You can find more info about it right here:

It's a great cause so make sure you join in and DONATE!!!

You can find Matt regularly over at the Rebel FM podcast and on Twitter @talkingorange.